Child and Youth Specialists
To meet the numerous challenges that many children and youth experience; whether familial, social, emotional, behavioural or medical. Child and Youth Specialists (CYS) are equipped to provide the assistance and strategies necessary to help children and youth better manage their respective circumstances.

Diverse Educational Background
As a service provider with Family & Children Support Services (FCSS), all CYS have excellent training; a minimum of two years experience working with children and youth, as well as post secondary education in a Social Services field – typically, though not limited to, one of the following disciplines:

Safe and Secure
Naturally, safety is of paramount importance throughout our organization. All our CYS are thoroughly screened on a number of fronts, including Police and Vulnerable Persons Checks and in-person interviews prior to service being provided. As well, we maintain high standards around safety through the following initiatives:

In matching a CYS with a child or youth, we always emphasize the importance of longevity and stability within the relationship. This personalized approach is further enhanced by our Service Plans that map out goals, and projected outcomes. In addition, a CYS will:

FCSS aims to have a CYS assigned to a child or youth within 7 to 14 days. It is this sort of dependable service and dedicated support that distinguishes FCSS, especially in a role that is so imperative to the well-being of children and youth who may be at risk.

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