Relief/Respite Services
Family & Children Support Services (FCSS) has access to both overnight and day-time relief/respite services that are designed to help families, caregivers, children and youth feel safe, secure and supported. We offer vacancies for all children/youth (from infancy to age 18) and provide care during weekdays and weekends, as well as holidays.

Skilled, Experienced Caregivers
The strength of our service begins with our matching of the child’s/youth’s needs to the skilled caregivers that we have access to, many of whom have over five years experience in providing relief to families, children and youth in need. From the moment a child/youth enters one of our contracted homes there is an on-call support worker available 24/7. For ongoing and longer term relief/respite arrangements, we’re committed to establishing and preserving stable relationships so care can be delivered with consistency and the comfort of familiarity.

Skills, Support and Safeguards
Contracted relief homes go through a rigorous screening process, which includes:

In addition, many of the homes have received training in the following areas:

An Open Door for All
As always, FCSS endeavours to accommodate children/youth with special needs, including those who are medically fragile, as well as ensuring proper provision for sibling groups. We are especially diligent when last minute requests occur due to emergency situations, as we understand how vital dependable child care is during these times.

We uphold strict policies around smoke-free homes and ensure that all our contracted homes are allergy aware. It’s this high level of conscientious and reliable service that continues to distinguish FCSS and further our reputation for safe, secure assistance.

To learn more about Family & Children Support Services’ Relief/Respite Services, please contact us.