Parent Coaches
To help overcome the challenges of parenting, Family & Children Support Services (FCSS) empowers parents and caregivers by teaching coping skills and strategies that help people better manage difficult circumstances. Our Family Coaches provide the mentoring, support and understanding required to adapt and respond to learning and behaviour concerns.

Extensively Trained
Family Coaches offer years of direct experience and have extensive training in all facets of behavioural issues, including:

A Positive Plan of Action
Using proven parenting techniques, Family Coaches objectively assess family dynamics and then prioritize the challenges. In devising a plan of action, they propose effective coping strategies that can be repeated in a clear, positive and consistent manner, and then work with parents and/or caregivers to exercise that plan. 

Guidelines and Screening
While all our Family Coaches are screened through Police and Vulnerable Persons checks, they also adhere to a number of guidelines that distinguish FCSS, which include:

Open, Respectful Relationships
The mentoring and positive modification these professionals offer by taking a calming and supportive approach can make a dramatic difference in the capacity to cope for parents/caregivers who are struggling with any number of behavioural issues. The result is a relationship that is more open, respected and engaged.

To learn more about how FCSS can help improve parenting skills and offer invaluable assistance, please contact us.