Educational Services
As one of our most vital services at Family & Children Support Services (FCSS), Educational Services involve a number of professionals committed to improving the capacity for learning and addressing the behavioural challenges that some children/youth experience.

Achieve More Educational Success
We work in conjunction with daycares, schools and families/caregivers in giving children and youth the tools and strategies required to achieve more educational success.
The range of expertise FCSS offers means we’re better prepared to address specific needs from the outset. These specialties include:

One-on-One Instruction
Our service revolves around developing individual Service Plans that establish mutual goals and a means for achieving those objectives. Regular Progress Reports document areas of improvement while identifying further challenges, so parents and caregivers are kept fully aware of key details.

To optimize the potential of each child/youth, our Academic Coaches(AC) take a one-on-one approach, and provide both short and long-term assistance, depending on need.

A High Caliber
In addition, we maintain a high caliber of professionalism throughout our organization by ensuring our AC:

To learn more about our range of Educational Services and the professionals we have available, please contact us.