Counseling Services
As more people today realize the benefits of counseling in helping to navigate personal issues, Family & Children Support Services (FCSS) offers expert counselors trained in an array of areas. Our Counselors are prepared to meet clients in their home, at an FCSS office location, or a community site if required.

Individual Attention and Group Alternatives
From individual appointments to family sessions our counseling services address all manner of challenges. Our capacity at FCSS to help people understand and better manage their issues finds us responding to a range of concerns, some of the more prominent areas being:

All our counselors are certified with their respective governing board.

Offering Comfort and Confidentiality
Naturally, all our sessions are conducted in a safe and secure environment, and all information is kept confidential. Whatever the needs of our clients, through our counseling work we aim to give people the tools to cope and the insight to understand, while also providing:

There are many challenges involved in overcoming personal difficulties – challenges that require individual commitment and the assistance of professionals who can provide the guidance and experience necessary to resolve issues. Family & Children Support Services is an excellent first step in getting that support and so much more.

To learn more about our extensive counseling services, please contact us.