Adoption/Kinship Care
For newly formed families and families in times of transition, Family & Children Support Services (FCSS) offers an array of services geared to help people cope and learn effective life skills. The adjustment to new family dynamics brings with it all sorts of challenges, which is why FCSS is prepared to provide dependable support, 24/7.

Immpressive Team Skill Set
With a considerable skill-set among our team, FCSS is prepared to assist others with a range of concerns, including:

The Tools and the Know-How
We enable coping skills and enrich family relations by giving people the tools, strategies and insights necessary to create a healthy and productive family environment. This includes focusing on aspects of behaviour such as:

Every FCSS service provider has a minimum two years direct experience with families, caregivers, children and youth, and come from a range of social service disciplines; we’ve built a reputation for competent and reliable service. To ensure safety for our clients, all FCSS services providers are thoroughly screened with Police and Vulnerable Persons Checks.

A Trusted Partner
At FCSS we also adhere to some key guiding principles that lend a consistency and dependability to everything we do. These include:

The challenges that new families and families in transition face are considerable, which is why having Family & Children Support Services by your side can make all the difference to the health and well-being of your family.

For more information about how we can help you address the challenges ahead, please contact us.