Access Facilitators
Our Access Facilitators at Family & Children Support Services (FCSS) are responsible for facilitating visits for children and youth in a private or agency setting. Given the circumstances that accompany many of these visits, having the presence of a facilitator lends comfort and support when it is needed most. As well, FCSS aims to provide services in a family’s first language when required.

Experienced, Professional Know-How
All FCSS facilitators have a minimum of two years experience working with children, youth and families, and have educational credentials in a variety of backgrounds in the social service field such as the following:

The role of the facilitator can be active or passive, depending on the situation. Their involvement is meant to help smooth the sometimes difficult process of bringing together individuals or groups and providing direct assistance when required.

Some of the more common scenarios with which our facilitators are involved include:

Complete, Capable Service
In helping to provide more comprehensive services, FCSS facilitators can follow up these visits by documenting observations and interactions, while also attending planning meetings and court proceedings. If transportation is required, facilitators can deliver the children or youth to and from the visit location.

Naturally, all our facilitators are properly screened and adhere to strict guidelines with respect to our no smoking policy, while being prepared for any allergy issues that children or youth may experience. 

To learn more about our Access Facilitators and how they can assist with visits, please contact us.